Children are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. Curiosity Kids family class is about investigating and experimenting. Through play based STEM activities, children learn about the world around them and themselves.

The STEAM class  focuses on three areas of the Early Years Framework

Understanding the world,      Mathematics and          Expressive arts and design

Each week we will explore a theme relevant to the early years. We will engage in experimental activities and touch on theory by asking children open questions to ignite their imagination and develop their language stills. The classes are very visual and interactive and are designed to be inclusive so any child of any ability can join in, play, learn and have fun.

Curiosity Kids Family Session  Curiosity Kids Family Session Curiosity Kids Family Session Curiosity Kids Family Session

Curiosity Kids Winter Term

5th, 12th, 19th, 26th January


Curiosity Kids Family Session  Curiosity Kids Family Session  Curiosity Kids Family Session

Children and parents love our sessions

‘Elliot has really enjoyed the classes. The classes are fast pace. Lots to do in the allocated time. Keeps their attention. Angela is very good with the children, she’s patient and explains everything well.’

Nursery staff and Childminders also enjoy our sessions

‘We have so many other things we need to cover at Nursery that we don’t have time to set up activities like those run by Curious Tots. The children really enjoy the sessions. It is the highlight of their week.’ Andrea 2016

‘Angela has always shown a keen interest in children’s learning and development which was shown on a weekly basis through the activities she provided for the children.’ Caroline 2017


£2.50 per session when pre-paid on the whole term

£3.00 per perbooked session

£4.50 drop in. Drop is only available if there is room in class.

Please ask about sibling and childminder discount.


Where:  Playtime, Loughery House, Fountain St N, Bury BL9 7AN

Day:  Fridays Term Time Only

Time:  10am

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