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We’re so excited about our first activity box which was posted today; you’ll soon be opening your Dinosaur Discovery box and exploring its contents.

At Curiosity Kids we love dinosaurs, not only because of how diverse they were in size and shape but also their modes of living. They surely were one of the most successful groups of animals that ever lived on planet earth (in terms of longevity)

In your dinosaur discovery box you will find:

Salt dough dinosaur bones

Start your dinosaur discover by trying to make a dinosaur out of your bones. You could even try a 3D dinosaur by balancing the bones on top of each other.

Have a look at ‘digging up a Dinosaur Graveyard’ you will see a dramatic video about Paleontologists digging for dinosaur bones. If you really want become to become a Paleontologist you can join these scientists and travel the world searching for the remains of dinosaurs and discovery new species!

Dinosaur Bones dinosaur bones dinosaur bones

Dinosaur Egg

This activity might need to be done on a toweled area or in a tray. (not included in the box)

Be very gentle with this dinosaur egg. You will be hatching her soon. Take all the next material out of your box. Then place the egg back in your coloured bowl. For this experiment you will need the pipette and vinegar.  The egg will react chemically with the vinegar as the egg is a base and the vinegar is a diluted solution that contains acetic acid.

Place vinegar in the other bowl. To use the pipette you need to squeeze all the air out of the top then place the pipette into the liquid and let out. The pipette will

then suck up the liquid where the air once was. With safety googles on point the pipette to the egg and squeeze the vinegar onto the

egg. When you mix the two together you will get a reaction. The hydrogen ions in the vinegar react with the sodium and bicarbonate ions in the baking soda which is one of the ingredients that the egg is made from. The other ingredient is shaving foam.



As the reactions starts to decompose it results in water and carbon dioxide gas. It is the same carbon dioxide bubbles that are found in carbonated drinks. The carbon dioxide rises to the top of the mixture. This creates the bubbles and foam you see when you mix baking soda and vinegar. Get yourself your spoon and give your mixer a stir to create more bubbles from the egg.

Repeat stirring with your spoon and also using your pipette to cover your egg with more vinegar. You will soon see some parts of your dinosaur appear. Keep going until you hatch your egg. You may need to careful tap the egg with your spoon to break off some of the shell.

All ingredients can be poured down the sink safety.


When dinosaurs rules the earth there were many volcanoes that were spewing out lava and noxious gases. It is the reason why dinosaurs ruled the earth. The volcanoes that were active for more than half a million years paved the way for dinosaurs to rule the earth as the noxious gases wiped out their competition.

In your box you will find some flour, salt and oil. In the bowl you had your vinegar place equal amounts of flour and salt and mix. You may not fit all the flour and salt in the bowl at once so you may have to mix two batches. Then add the oil (only half if you are making two batches. Then add some water to create a pastry consistency. If the dough is sticky add more flour, if it is crumbly and won’t stick together add some water.

Once you have created your dough split the dough into two.

With one batch create a volcano shape leaving room at the top to add your molten rock.

Mix the bicarbonate of soda with some of the red food colouring, the food colouring will turn black.

The molten rock we are adding is black it is like the cooled rock that has previously been expelled from a volcano. We are going to use some of the vinegar to turn this molten rock into lava and erupt our volcano. Lava is molten rock that has been expelled out of a volcano.

Safety googles on get your vinegar ready and spoon in some of the molten rock into the volcano and watch your volcano erupt.


There are lots of fossils of Dinosaurs but why? Well they were much larger animals and far more likely to fossilize as the bones of dinosaurs are more dense then ours. Dinosaurs also were around for nearly 200 million years we haven’t come close to that long yet. The fossilisation process means that landslides assisted with the natural process rather than critters gnawing on the remains of animals in jungles or forests.  The landscape of the dinosaurs was pretty perfect for creating fossils with the volatile volcanoes and sticky tar floors to get stuck in.

To make your fossils you need to prepare your clay. We are going to use the salt dough, you can either use the erupted volcano or mix some more flour with the dough to reuse or dispose of the dough and use the second batch.

Using either the adult dinosaur or the baby dinosaur you hatched early, press the dinosaur into the dough and lift. You will find an imprint of the dinosaur. You can do this over and over until you have perfected the skill of fossil making. Once you are happy with a fossil. Ask a grow up to pop your salt dough into an oven for around 15 mins (200 gas mark 4) or until the dough hardens to a biscuit texture. Once cooled you could paint the fossil or leave it how it is.

What next?

You could also make a volcano and cook this as well to include in a prehistoric landscape for your box.

Once you have done all the activities try making a prehistoric landscape for your dinosaurs.

Remember to keep your googles, pipettes and bowls, if you are a subscriber you may need them for next months box.

To purchase activity boxes visit our activity back catalog or subscription pages






Dinosaur Discovery

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