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Curiosity Kids- Frozen Flower Eggs Preschool Science Activity

Who doesn’t like a hot summers day?

A childminder with hot and tired children that’s who.

Well what better why to cool down than to play with some sensory eggs. These ones were filling with flowers from the garden. They were kicks on the tuff spot. Rolled down the slide and then used to build a tower.


You can buy expensive strap to wear that controls body temperature these eggs do the same thing in a more fun and educational way. Little peoples wrists can be cooled with these eggs. These flowers eggs will began to melt in the sunshine and as they do they will release cooling water that will drip down a young person’s hand. You will soon have cool happy and re-energised little people running about your setting. Your welcome.



These eggs were made by pushing flowers into balloons and filling them with water. Once filled with water these were put in the freezer overnight. The best thing about these is the smell they release as they melt. You get lovely scented water while playing.

I’ve also done these eggs with crayon pieces, cars and dinosaurs. What ever you can fit in the balloon and then fill with water will work with these. Then let children explore the eggs as they melt I will one day try this with paint- so we can paint with water eggs. Note to self: Must remember for easter!!!


What else do we do?

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Frozen Flower Eggs
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