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Spring - Curiosity Kids

Spring has been threatening to rear its head for the last month and it is finally showing signs of staying. Winter has been keeping a strong grip on this part of the world, with snow, ice and bitterly strong northerly winds battering our setting.

This month are theme has been spring

We started the month by making some spring eggs. We did this by filling balloons with flowers and water and freezing them over night. Once frozen we broke the balloons and left some little bottles of potion next to the flowers for the children to sprinkle onto the eggs to free the spring flowers. The potions were made up of salt, bicarbonate of soda and glitter.


We then provided white vinegar for the children to use on the eggs. The vinegar reactions with the bicarbonate of soda and releases a gas which creates bubbles! Who under five doesn’t like making bubbles?

We got the children to all breathe out together to explain that the gas they breathed out was the same as the gas in the bubbles. Carbon Dioxide.

Children then got stuck in and stirred, squeezed and touched the melting eggs. This activity was a great sensory play for lots of ages.

Caution: Water is freezing when frozen so this activity is cold. Also salt can irritate little fingers with eczema if you see a little one scratching or see a salt burn run under cold water.

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