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Unicorn Poop Slime- Do It Yourself Slime Kits UK

Unicorn Poop Slime

We love slime. It is an amazing sensory activity. Great for learning about chemical reactions and molecule structures. The mixture is also great for using the process as a calming and focusing activity for children with SEND.

It is a great material to use in play. Slime can be manipulated to become any shape. It can be used to add additional learning to books or themes within the early learning setting. The slime has become so many things over the years here. It can be dragons snot, galaxy slime, unicorn poop, blue goo to integrate learning activities from literacy such as Fox in Socks.

Mega Slime     unicorn poop slime      Mega Slime

How to make slime


The key ingredient is Borax, it is the key element to change the molecules of PVA glue to get it to stick together to form slime.

Start by pouring the PVA solution into the bowl add the colour and additional items into the bowl and stir together.

You want to try and coat the glitter/pompoms/googly eyes with the PVA solution so when the borax goes in the glittery glue becomes part of the slime.

The next part is where the slime is created. You need to spurt some of the Borax solution into the PVA glue. Less is best, you can always add more if required. Once you add the Borax stir slowly. You need to stir the mixture as if you were folding in flour into a cake mixture, slowly at first then steadily faster until it starts to become a solid. You can do a finger test, if it feels sticky or looks as if it is still part liquid add some more borax solution.

The final stage is some kneading, this is to help the chemical reaction develop. It takes a bit of kneading for the slime to take its shape. If you over stir you may produce something that looks like scrambled egg. Place the mixture to one side to settle and then knead.

The mixture is best kept in a container or bag in the fridge and will last for weeks. When it hasn’t been played with for a while it can be stiff, but with the warmth of your hands the slime will soon become stretchy again.

Mega Slime

The solution should make a few batches of slime. So experiment with the amount of paint added or created a white and painted versions to twist and twirl together to create rainbow unicorn poop and marbled slime. The slime will eventually turn into a brown or purple when all the colours are mixed together.

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Unicorn Poop Slime

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