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Curiosity Kids subscription STEAM activity box Unicorn and rainbow UK

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? It is nearly impossible to not combine rainbows with the mythical creature Unicorn. Again similar question who doesn’t love unicorns with their rainbow hair and rainbow poop (!!??)

There is something magical about seeing a rainbow. They are so rare and beautiful. This is why this box includes the CD rainbow.

Rainbow CD

This is super simple and very effective. All you need is a CD and a torch both are included in your pack. The darker the room the better as it will show the colour more vividly. Choose a light surface such as a ceiling to test out the torch and CD. It may take a couple of tries of tilting to achieve some rainbow curves. Once you have done this you can try to colour the rainbow by creating a rainbow on a piece of paper and using the wax crayons.

Melted Rainbow

The next rainbow will use heat. So you will need a hairdryer. Using the wax crayons tear the paper off the crayons and place them onto the square canvas. You can do this in any shape. Think about the colours you are placing together to avoid brown try to only place two primary colours together. You can break the crayons to create more areas to melt. (don’t forget to share our creations on @curiositykidsuk so we can see your masterpiece)

Unicorn Hoof

rainbow hoof

For the next experiment you will require something to use as a tray. This could be a tuff spot or dinner tray or baking tray. Sprinkle the bicarbonate of soda onto the tray in the shape of a unicorn hoof. Then open the tubes of paint and pour a paint rainbow onto the hoof.  This rainbow hoof is an amazing chemical reaction. The bicarbonate of soda reacts with the acetic acid in vinegar. The reaction creates bubbles, the bubbles is the gas that is generated by the reaction carbon dioxide. Pour some of the vinegar into the bowl and use the pipette to place the vinegar onto the rainbow hoof and watch as the rainbow fizzes, spread and mix. Again you can use a piece of paper to create a print of the fizz rainbow before it turns into a deep purple or mucky brown. The brown liquid that is left is water which can be soaked up with a towel and placed into a washing machine to clean.

Unicorn Poop

The final part is the most exciting piece of this months box Unicorn Poopslime

Unicorn Poop is essentially all the colours of the rainbow mixed together to form rainbow poop. The more the slime is played with the more it will become a marbled rainbow before turning into that deep purple or mucky brown poop colour. The pack also includes cutters so you can create unicorn poop shapes.  For details on how to make the unicorn poop click here.


Unicorns and Rainbows

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